About Me

To start with, here's what I mentioned on my twitter profile.

" Writes blogs, photographs and designs various stuffs at leisure. And of course also enjoys that moment :) "

A little in detail, I design various stuffs like websites, business cards, etc., write blogs, poetry and quotes, photograph when I'am on leave, host an event when I'am called for and think on better ways to exploit a given opportunity.

I truly believe in the following quote which, I have written myself. Though this is not the only one which I follow.

"The past is what I cannot change. The future is what I cannot predict. Its the present that I can live."

Be it your feedback's, thought's, suggestions or anything, I would love to hear it from you.

Should you think of getting in touch with me, here is my mail id- 
[email protected]

Also, I wouldn't really mind if you leave your comments on my blog.