Monday, November 19, 2012

Its the present that I can live

"The past is what I cannot change. The future is what I cannot predict. Its the present that I can live."

The above quote may seem quite simple. But if you were to follow this, you would know how difficult it is. You must be wondering why is it that difficult. Well, its because, most of us humans commit the same mistake of regretting of what has happened in the past, unnecessarily worrying about the future and messing up things in the present.

To understand it better lets break it into three essential parts - The past, the present and the future.

Don't regret the past happenings. Just forget it and move on.Live the present to the fullest.Don't worry about the future. You cannot predict it.

The Past.

Its that part of your life which you cannot erase. Once gone, is lost forever. No clock can turn itself back to the past and give you a second chance. So, its better not to think about it, not to ponder over past issues. There's a proverb that says -

'Don't cry over spilled milk.'

This simply means that there is certainly no use of worrying about unfortunate events that have already happened and cannot be changed. Just forget it and move on.

The Future.

I think, more than our past people worry about the future. Just give it a thought - you are no superhuman to predict your future and no matter what you do, what is destined for you will definitely happen. So, simply stop worrying about your future. Because by worrying about your future you are actually wasting your energy which you could have utilized for the present.

The Present.

Finally, here we are, at the moment which is in our hands. The present, which we can make the most out of. If we mainstream our energies to the present we can do wonders. Because there is no use of worrying about the past and future, its the present that we can live. Enjoy the present moment. Live it to the fullest.

Its never to late for anything. You can still make an attempt to follow this principle. Live the present and enjoy the moment. Cheers !

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