Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fatty little fruit

Fury brown skin, fresh bright green or golden pulpy flesh with numerous black sesame-like edible seeds from inside and a fresh fragrance of this delicious fruit called Kiwi.  Originally known as the Chinese gooseberry, later renamed as Melonette and then to kiwifruit or just the Kiwi. And yes you guessed it right, it is grown in New zealand.

This fatty little fruit has a unique flavor and resembles a kiwi bird and would have probably got its name from that. It is originally grown in New zealand and also grown in Italy, Chile and many more places while those from the New zealand are the sweetest and tastiest. And since its being exported to various other places in the world, everyone is aware of what a kiwi is.

People are now getting more health conscious and want to eat something that's healthy and at the same time tasty. This makes the kiwi fruit as one of the top fruits to opt for.

So, if you just decide to eat it - great ! But before you do that, have a look at its nutritional contents. Kiwi is bestowed with vitamin C and also has loads of other nutrients making it a complete package. The below table was sourced up from Wikipedia.

Now the reason I wrote about a kiwi is just because I love eating it and it stands on the top of the charts with the delicious Alphonso mango. Each one of us may have at least one favorite fruit. All that you can do is to share about what you like and also try what others like. So the next time you go to the market, do not forget to purchase and relish on a kiwi.


  1. Yeeah ! I agree with this..
    Addition to this I would say every fruit has got some or the other nutritional value which helps our body to stay healthy n fit.. Lets say for Eg : Pineapple has manganese which is required by our bones..
    Personally i have never had Kiwi.. After reading your post over this I would definitely start eating it whenver i get a chance to.. :P

    Well its really an invest of time to read such amazing writings by you.. I think you shouldnt stop .. U must start your blogging stuff again.. :D

    1. @Chetna: Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and I promise to get back blogging soon !