Thursday, June 14, 2012

A change in the routine

'Its been a year since I am traveling in local buses to college. The same route to my destination in little packed red buses, drenched in sweat, sometimes,  I cannot even answer my phone. Anyways, that doesn't matter. Actually my routine changed just a year back when I got my admissions in that college. And so did everything else change.
At the beginning everything was new and a bit 'out-of-the-routine', but later it was sailing smooth. Though the rains always leave everything messed up. During the journeys, what went really unnoticed is that I always got a seat on the right side of the bus. This went on for many many days till I could actually predict the whole route well in advance.
But one fine day I happened to sit on the left side of the bus. And what I realized is that, though, I was traveling on the same route, I was completely lost. Everything seemed to be new. The same route seemed so long. The reason - I had never seen the left side of the route. And when I was suddenly exposed to this side of the route, I found everything new and unexplored. But very soon I got myself accustomed to this route too.  And later everything seemed normal.'

Similarly, most of us have a fixed routine. We have a predetermined, monotonous life. At the beginning of every new routine we find everything strange. New people, new places, new routes and sometimes even new cultures and new traditions. This doesn't continue for too long and as soon as you feel comfortable and get yourself quite adjusted with this new lifestyle, you are exposed to another, completely different lifestyle that you would need to once again get adjusted to. That's the time when everything changes in a flash and you're kind of a bit stumbled. But of course, not for too long. Again you'll find new faces, unexplored places and a different routine. And finally, after a while, everything will seem normal. This can go on and on varying from person to person.

Some people who have the same routine for a constant time complain that they suffer from 'I-am-bored-of-the-same-routine' syndrome. On the contrary, some complain of being prone to changes frequently. It just depends on how we take it.

Taking this as a fortunate happening, we get a chance to come out of our nutshells and explore this world. Get to know the good's and bad's of this world and may be its due to this reason that you are competent enough to withstand such changes. Its there in us - only we need to revive it to face the challenges. And like the incident above, it normally takes some time to get yourself adjusted to any new situation, any new routine.

At the end of the day no person can change his/her life. However the situation, one has to face it, adjust with it and live accordingly. A bus has only two sides ( excluding the front and rear ones ), but in life we may be exposed to innumerable situations and unpredictable scenarios. The challenge lies in facing it and eventually coming out as a winner.