Saturday, April 28, 2012

No cords attached

Young teens like to plug their earphones & listen to music on the go. It seems its kind of a fashion nowadays. While sporting a sleek gizmo remains a trend in todays youth, a small accessory like a earphone has also gained increasing importance and now you'll find people sporting earphones of different colors and brands. Earphones minus the fashion aspect and there's what I want to convey - about the ways and manners of using this accessory; about using it responsibly.

The below real life incident would probably give you an idea of what I really have to say.

People usually decide to cross the railway tracks to save some time though it is strictly restricted by the government. It gets even more worse when people talk on mobiles or listen to music on earphones and cross the railway line or just stroll over the railway tracks oblivious whether a train is approaching them or not. A similar case happened quite a while ago when a teen had his earphones plugged into his ears and was probably listening to one of his favorite tracks. Just then a speeding train approached him from the back and despite sounding the horn rammed him leading to his death. Now, this fellow was so into the music that he hardly realized that a train is approaching him and is sounding the horn. And by then it was too late for him to realize and react.

Flaunting your earpieces, getting into a conversation using earphones, wanting to listen to music on the go and wanting to be at par with the current fashion is not a bad idea. But not at the cost your life. You must not be carried away by the music that you have no idea of whats happening in the world around you. Crossing the railway line is definitely a strict NO. But you would inevitably need to be alert while you cross the road. Any mistake and you could be hit by a speeding vehicle. Doing without those cords wouldn't cost you anything. Perhaps, it could save your life.

Hence it is better advised for you to spare those cords when you need to concentrate on other activities of more importance. Use wisely. Use responsibly.