Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Quintessential ingredient of a relation

This is a story of a couple. A partially blind but beautiful woman and a physically fit and handsome gentleman. The man had met the woman at a coffee shop and despite her being physically challenged fell in love with her and very soon married her.Now everything was sailing smooth until one fine day the woman completely lost her vision. Doctors had given up hope and told the man with great grief that the woman would not be able to see the bright colors of the world anymore.The man couldn't see her in such a state and decided to donate his eyes to her. The operation was scheduled and also successful.

The woman after  the operation opened her eyes for the first time and was delighted to see the vibrant world. But as her vision swept across her husband, she was horrified to find him blind. She found it awkward to live with a blind person and finally called it a quit.He was left all alone in tears..

Valentines is expressing your love towards someone. So it could be between two person, two friends or between a parent and a child.And in that relation among the various ingredients is sacrificing and respecting those sacrifices. An ingredient not used very often but very essential.

Sacrificing and respecting sacrifices is equally important. Sacrificing really doesn't mean that you sacrifice your life for the person you like. Nor does your sacrifice mean by donating your eyes or any other organ - like the one in the story above. Sacrificing could just be by letting away some petty things that would eventually help make the relation better.

Sacrifices made must be from the heart; made according to each ones capabilities. Infact it all could just happen unknowingly. Sacrifices could differ from relation to relation. Like, for example, a mother, or for that matter parents are always willing to sacrifice everything for their child. Not to be made for fame or gain, it is made without expecting anything from the other person.

Now, while sacrifices has its own value, respecting those sacrifices also carries the same weight. A human being must adore the sacrifices made by the opposite individual. Disrespecting them will turn the relation from a sweet one to a bitter one. The opposite person will feel that his sacrifices are of no value to the person whom he loved the most till then.

Balance is the key. Balance, not only between sacrifices and respecting sacrifices but between all of the various aspects involved in getting that relation glued.

The relation may not necessarily be that of a husband-wife. It could be between two friends, collegues or between a parent and a child .And yes, even between a blogger and the readers ! Valentines could thus be celebrated to express that unique love and affection between any of the above relations.

Whatever the relation may be - sacrificing and respecting sacrifices is one such aspect that you shouldn't do without in a relation.

Happy Valentines !


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