Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eliminating Sadness

The one feeling that no one would want to have in his life is sadness. The word itself sounds so sad !

Just like happiness starts from a smile, sadness begins by deprieving yourself from smiling. Your health then gets deteorating and you are least enjoying your life. Well if would have preferred to smile you would have actually exercised your face muscles.

Though life has a lot of ups and downs and there are certain situations that depends on fate we must try to bring back happiness and joy in our lives. Sadness or sorrow cannot be completely ignored or eliminated in our life but yes one must try to reduce the number of times one gets depressed or sad.

Just focus to eliminate sadness from your life and from others lives. Don't hover over those elements that make you sad even to the slightest of a bit. Just face it and fight it. Don't run away from it. And later you'll find yourself in an ocean of happiness.

Think of sadness as an inflated balloon stuck in front of you and your aim is to hit a bulls eye and blast it off.

This New year take a resolution to eliminate sadness from your life.

Complements of the season and wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2012.

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  1. nice new year resolution is to eliminate sadness.....
    thanx for dis grt thought