Sunday, October 30, 2011

Faith in Him

The owner of a general store was once resting in his shop in the afternoon as the frequency of customers at that time is usually less. But that afternoon something unexpected happened. Boys of a local gang approached his shop with baseball bats and hockey sticks.Generally, these boys break the window panes of the shop and steal all the cash and at times injure the owner.

This shopkeeper seen these boys creating a chaos in and around the area. He knew that this time he would definitely fall prey to these guys. He started trembling and didn't know what to do. The shopkeeper was an atheist but in fear he just cried out to God to save his life.

Now, before I bring you the end, Its essential to bring in an interruption.

A person disbelieving in God suddenly ends up in a situation where he just calls out to the Lord. Because he very well knows that God is the only person who can do wonder's for him at that instant. God , the mighty and the most powerful person sitting up in heaven yet omnipresent is the one who changes the lives of every human. No one knows how God actually looks like. For us humans, he may have different forms but actually he is One. He shows us the bright and dark phases of life. He brings in different situations for us to face. But there are instances where people, unable to face certain situations, tend to go away from him, disbelieve in him.

He has planned everything for us. And only he knows what is going to happen next.However thorny the path may be, you must not lose faith in him. With a pure heart cry out to God and tell him to give you the strength and  courage to face various circumstances.God will definitely hear your call. 

Let me remind you, you may betray him but he will never betray you.

Why is believing in God different from disbelieving in him ?
" Whoever believes in him shall have eternal life "
                                                                          Bible, John 3:16

The simple answer to that is when you believe in God, you feel a protective shield around you. He makes his presence felt. You know that you could never be all alone. Because at any point of time, God is always there for you. When you believe his presence and have faith in him, you can share your happiness and sorrows with him. Be it any place around the globe, any season in a year, he is there with you. In good times and in bad, he is always there to party with you or to lend you his shoulder.

Continuing with the story I had interrupted..

The owner had ducked under a table near him. He was panting in fear and kept calling out to God to save him. Very soon he realised that the boys had smashed the glasses of the shop but miraculously the boys didn't enter the shop. In fact they fled from there. The owner was surprised and delighted and now he knew how important it is to have faith in Him. Praise the Lord.

The lord, almighty is there for you always.

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