Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rain rain come again !

The flash of the thunder, the sound of the lightning, the hot rains and the first cup of tea. Wait a minute, the rains seemed to have left my emotions entwined.But on a serious note, rains bring in a lot of happiness and delight that the hot summers have finally gone.

The sound of the thunder, the flash of the lightning & the big fat rain drops pouring over the bare ground coupled with hot pakodas & a steaming cup of tea altogether is a moment that I eagerly wait for. And it's during this monsoon season that I sit in the balcony & cherish this moment.

But for me & for my fellow urban mates, monsoon is just another season and the rains is like a cooling refreshment after the heat waves. However ask the poor, the farmers , villagers, the real value of rain. Ask them what the monsoons actually means to them. And they will say that the rains are a shower of Gods blessings. The villagers wait for the dark monsoon clouds. They wait for the cool breeze to blow. They eagerly wait to get wet and they love to hear the pitter pattering of rain drops. For them, rains are never a botheration.

For the villagers, rains are the only source to fill up the dried wells. For the farmers, without rains there would be no harvests. Without rains their occupation is directly affected and their lives are directly hit. And another reason why they know the value of rains, they know the value of every drop of water is because at some point of time the villagers must have felt the scarcity of rains. Many of the rural areas do not have well networked water pipelines leaving rains as the only source of water. Without rains their lives would be like mortals in deserts.

Do you want to live a deserted life sans water ? Then why haven't you realized the value of the (rain) water that pours from above and goes away uncollected ? Why are the rains so bothering & unpleasant to some of you ?

Look at us, whenever we want we just open the tap & find litres of water available for ourselves. Furthermore, we waste litres of water even after being told not to waste. And look at those water deprived people, forget wasting, they barely get water for themselves. They may have to walk miles to just get a pot of water; all this either due to less rainfall and/or poor network of water pipelines.

Forget the clogged water on streets, the dirt & filth that gets stuck to your feet & the mucky water that splashes out of those potholes. The rains must not get on your nerves.  For everytime that it annoys you, remind yourself that you are fortunate to receive rainfall and even fortunate that atleat you are not living your life in a waterless land.


  1. it remindes me of the nusery poem..........:D:D

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