Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The happiness when someone surprises you or the feeling of self achievement in succeeding in doing something.  The delight of having passed with flying colors in an exam or the joy in doing something noble. Eventually its all happiness but in different forms. It may all mean the same but it sounds so good. And it's even better to have this feeling in your life. The feeling of happiness.

The magic of happiness starts with a smile. A smile is what makes a person appealing. Interestingly, the human mind always prefers a happy person to an unhappy one. For example, a person would any-day get attracted to a smiling baby and not to a cranky one. A smile is a medium to express your happiness and I must tell you, it's the best weapon to carry along with you.

To be happy is to be healthy. Happiness invites good health, a positive mind and positive results in whatever you do. This is not all. A happy person brings a lot of positive spirit among the people around him.  Happiness keeps away those feelings which leaves your heart uneasy and heavy like anger, sorrow, jealousy, etc. When you are happy and content with all that you have, naturally it will rule out jealousy, anger and etc. Happiness also cuts the thick air of sadness. But yes, that doesn't mean you crack jokes during a funeral !

In totality, one can quote that HAPPINESS is THE KEY TO SUCCESS.

Therefore, I would advise you to be happy in whatever you do and you'll see that you'll stop existing and start living. Notice the change and rejoice for the world is good.

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  1. nice blog clyd.....cute pic with awsme wordings.....nd is d background of happy potter..?????

    wonderful job..........:):)