Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Appeal

Praise the Lord that the Earth isn't a human, for if it was, it would have stopped providing us with the resources a long while ago due to the selfish human behavior. 

An Appeal to Save the Earth from all that harms it. Each one of you can contribute towards it. It is simple. For example: You could choose to walk or cycle short distances, you could carpool to office or you could ensure that the electric appliances are switched off when not in use. And I'm sure that you can definitely undertake such basic practices.

Even after supporting millions of living creatures, the Earth has not exhausted its giving nature. It is still providing us with all that we need. But alas, we are over exploiting Mother Earth's giving nature. We are over exploiting its resources. Now it isn't time to wonder why we haven't shown consideration towards Earth but it is time to finally take action and relieve Mother Earth from the pain that we have caused her. It's time to do something noble.


  1. ur blogs must reach d world..................

  2. Thankz a lot guys !
    Yes, It will surely reach out to the world with your support. And so keep commenting.. :)

  3. U doing a great job man