Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Accepting Criticism

Are you afraid of criticism ? Or are you negligent to advises ? Do you turn a deaf ear to feedback's ? Or do you pretend to be blind to public reviews ? If so then it's sad to say that you have shut the doors to betterment and development. It is now neither possible for you to know whether your work has been admired by people. Nor is it possible for you to improve on your work cause you won't know where to improve on.

Criticism plays a very vital role in our life. And even more important is to accept criticism and advises. Criticisms helps you to know your drawbacks, faults and minus points. And if you really want to change your weaknesses to your strengths then you must accept and be open to criticism. This will act as a resource which will give you and your work an edge above the other's. It can change your life. Criticism also acts as a motivational source in cases where your work is commendable.

But it is often noted that though one is open to criticism, one still feels low when criticized. Well the reason behind this is human psychology. One feels bad because one's work hasn't been appreciated - though for a reason. But when one understands the significance of critics and criticism, then and only then one will favour it and gradually one won't feel low when criticized.

Now, although you may favor criticism, you must ensure that the people criticizing you are 'critic-worthy' people. You must see that the crtics are really criticising you for your betterment. And that the critics have some knowledge in the field of your work. Cause unconstructive criticism could lead to panic and fear of criticism and unnecessary pressure on you.

What you could do is - find some mentors who have a sufficient knowlege base and can tell you what drawbacks your work has. But remember, take criticisms with a poisitve spirit. You can also ask your parents to be a mentor to you. They may have a little less knowledge ( in some cases ) but they'll always want the best for you.

So at the end, you are now, hopefully prepared to keep your ears and eyes open to criticism.  And the next time somebody criticizes your work, don't feel low. Instead, reply with a big 'Thank You'. Go open the doors to the world. Open the doors to reality.

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