Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Human feelings

Humans have a unique and complex quality of feelings and expressing feelings. Think of people with blank faces, no expressions, no feelings - just people ( like moving mannequins ) existing on this Earth. Unimaginable. To think of such a situation isn't easy as we have never faced and would never like to face such a situation.

OK , now let's take a step further. An evolution wherein people have feelings but it's hidden deep beneath their thick skin. A situation where people don't know how to express their feelings. This is kind of imaginable as we must have come across or will surely come across  such people in life. Sad for them. But yes, Most of us do have a heart filled with mixed feelings and a highly expressable face. Fortunately we even understand other's feelings... yeah , sometimes it's a lot more complicated; But lets put that bunch in the 'exception tray'.

As I said earlier , feelings are complex. Each feeling is unique and each person expressing the same feeling is unique. A God gifted quality which makes life more interactive, attractive, interesting and amazing. There are numerous feelings but basically we see and clearly distinguish only a few of them.

There are some feelings which others can notice on a persons face, like happiness, sorrow, over-excitement, fear, anger, etc. And there are some of them which is felt only by the person himself, nobody will be able to notice them, like jealously, enmity, doubt, loneliness, empathy, anxiety etc.

Though there could be certain feelings where at times it is visible on the facial expression and gestures and sometimes not, like pride, humility, curiosity, etc.

Therefore, Life =  The mixture of all the various feelings. 

As I am on the verge of completing this article, I am thinking to write about individual feelings. Whatever, it's just a thought that is yet to be processed and later posted. If you regularly read my blog, you'll know when it's posted.

For now, try to use your feelings in a more constructive way. Like understanding people in a better way to live in togetherness, to avoid misunderstandings, to live in unity and peace. Moreover learn to respect each others feelings.