Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finale Fever

Months long holiday and complete rest. After giving the most awaited boards, be it be SSC or HSC, and enjoying the even more awaited holidays, it's now time for the results. The results bring in a lot of anxiety in the students. Anxiety, nothing but an eagerness to know the results.For a few number of teens, they learn to rule over anxiety. But for the rest of the majority, Anxiety rules over them.

The most striking feature of anxiety is that it deteriorate s the health of the person. Lack of sleep, nausea,headaches are some of the symptoms. But, if anxiety is backed by stress, then I must tell you, conditions worsen. The cause of stress, here, is the rising competition among students. Competition as to who will finish the race first with the highest percentage.
Due to this there is immense pressure on the student during examinations and during results. And why wont there be when the marks of a student is going to decide which college he/she will be entering into.

Moreover, parents further pressurize their child by asking them to score 90-95% or else they would reduce the child's entertainment activities ( which would have already been reduced ). This hovers a cloud of fear and additional pressure over the student as he has to now not only face the increasing competition but also parental pressure.

Parents play a vital role specially during result time. Parents must support their child and must not force their child to score extraordinary marks, which may be beyond the capacity of the child. Also, a parent must help the child be contented with whatever results he gets. For if you have supported your child during the examinations then you need not worry about the results.

    Points to remember :

If you have worked hard enough, success will surely follow you.

Be calm and relaxed. If you can't, practice yoga.

Always look into the positive aspects of life and assure yourself that your boat will sail smoothly.
For example, say to yourself that - Yes, I will pass-out with flying colors.Yes, I will get into the college of my choice.

Whatever happens, happens for the good.

The finale result time ( especially boards and other competitive exams ) is a very crucial point of a students life as well as for the parents. And a student must thus, be mentally prepared to face such a situation.And a parent must learn to support and inculcate a positive vibe in the child.In a supportive environment, a child will pass-out out with triumphant results.

All the Best :D

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