Friday, May 6, 2011

Feel their presence..

This story is of a nuclear family who had recently purchased a new home and were doing up the interiors. They had received a bunch of plant's as a house warming gift. But they didn't know who gifted it to them as there was nothing written. They even didn't know what these plant's were for. They tried hard to search about this plant but to no success. Not knowing what to do with the plant's, they decided to just keep it with them.

Month's later life became busier than expected and the family had no time to take care of the plant's. Heating up in the sun without water, the plant's finally decided to dry up. The family then realised, lately, that all the plants had crippled and had dried up.
Later after many month's an article had appeared about this plant. It was written that this plant was rare and had high medicinal value. It also said that this plant was not known to many. On reading this, the family realised thier loss.

On the same lines, in life, we don't realize the importance of some people when they are there near us. Maybe they would just be lying in our phone book or present in our facebook-friend list.They may be just there in our life but we might have never realized their importance.  But only when they leave us and depart somewhere else we realize their significance. We understand the value of their presence. But alas, it would have been too late then.

In the story above, they had lost all the plant's they had. Unfortunately they were rare and would not be readily available to plant it again. Even if they had planted fresh one's again, it wouldn't be the same they had lost. But when you lose a person ( may be forever...or due to some differences or no contact's  ) you cannot bring him back or plant him back again. In life you'll befriend new people. But you'll not get the same person again. What is lost, is lost forever. In case the separation was due to disagreement's and fortunately it's solved then and only then they could reunite.

Thus, I would request all the reader's to realize the importance of each and every person in your life as he/she is there with you and don't wait for that person to part way's from you. Give each and every person the feeling of 'Yes, I am there for you'. And you'll see that they will be there for you.

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