Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cyber Crime : Be AWARE !

"Mr XYZ,
Congratulations you have been selected as the winner of a lucky draw and are
liable to get $500,000.
To collect your prize money please send in your account details and a transfer fee
of Rs 1,00,000 to ___ account at the earliest.
Thanks and Regards,

This e-mail above could make you mad if it comes in your inbox. And why it wouldn't ? The prize money itself is enough to make a person blind in greed that he fails to understand that the complete mail is fake.

This form of cyber crime is committed by hackers who fool people and steal a good sum of money from the people or take all the account details , eventually leaving their account balance to nil.

This is done so professionally that to locate these hackers is almost impossible.

Well, this is not the only way of stealing money.There have been incidents where they hack your friends account and send you an e-mail stating that --

"Dear friend,
I had been to (some place-mostly abroad) for some work but here I became a prey
to theft. Now I don't have money to even get back to my hometown.
Could you please do me a favor of sending me $(amount) to this account
(____number) so that I can get back to my hometown and I also promise to return
the money back as soon as I get back.
Your Loving Friend,

The mail is written so perfectly that you would want to help your friend. This way he bags the money you sent and later disappears.

People should thus be aware about the cyber crimes happening around the world and should never be a victim of such crimes. You should not give away your hard earned money to such people.

One should thus be INFORMED and AWARE about such happening and if you come across such mails, inform the cyber crime police so that they can do their job. And remember to  say NO to FREE MONEY.

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