Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Commandments to an Amazing Life !!

Ever wanted to have an amazing and satisfying life ?

Well I have chalked out Ten Commandments to lead an amazing life. These commandments need to be understood and implemented in life.

The Ten  Commandments to live a startling life are listed below.

You must always be HAPPY and make others happy , even if it has to be with just a smile :D You must know that no one in this world is perfect. Imperfection lies in everybody and hence it is up to us, how we accept people the way they are and not to forget to keep them happy.

You must see to it that YOU OBEY your PARENTS and not your parents obey you.
Because you may be able to keep every other person happy but if your parents aren't happy, then your life is meaningless.

You must EAT the right kind of foods to be healthy. Yes, dieting is not at all necessary.
After all you cannot run a car ( mind you - a petrol car and not solar or something else ) without petrol.

You must always think POSITIVE and the positiveness must be so strong that the
negativeness will not even dare to come closer to you. Eventually if you are positive, the people around you are positive.

In life you must always think BIG and think BETTER - in terms of standard of living, wealth, way of living, etc.

NEVER see a person for how much wealth he owns, BUT see him for how rich he is at heart, how empathic he is or how great he is as a human.

There's a saying - 'What has to be done tomorrow, do it today. And what has to be done today, do it now'. To illustrate, it means NEVER to live in burdens of debt, may it be work, loans, etc.

MATERIALISM isn't everything. One must try to find eternal happiness even in the
smallest tasks that he undertakes. Materialism is externalism. Likewise one must never adore oneself in front of the mirror because the mirror only shows your external beauty and not the internal beauty.

In life consider SPIRITUALITY, divine centers and divine books to keep your mind relaxed, composed  and stress free - it does work !

Life is too short, so make sure you FULFILL your wishes but at the same time you must
realize that everything should be balanced in life.

Following these commandment's religiously will definitely change your life and make your life more meaningful and fulfilling.. my best wishes...!!!

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  1. Taken time only for ur blog today! As I had told you earlier, I just love this one! Rare of a kind and perfectly whole!