Friday, February 11, 2011

An Interview with social networking site -Part 2

In the previous part [ You may also read the part 1 of this debate.

View Part 1 ]we talked about the merits of social networking and why do
some people think that social networking is a bane which according to you is
incorrect. So now let's continue...

Interviewer-Can you frame an example to suppport your statement mentioned
earlier ?
Interviewee-Yes , Of course. Like I said earlier you can connect with people ,chat
with them, play games but this doesn't mean that all da you play games or all day
you chat with friends who could even be possibly staying next door.It all depends
on the individual on how he manages his activities. And whereas speaking about
addiction , then there are bookworms who are addicted only to books all day long ,
of course this will give you a lot of knowledge but then where is your social life ? In
short there should be a balance of everything.

Interviewer-So what else could be the drawbacks of social networking according
to you ?
Interviewee- To a certain extent privacy issues and security to data could be a
drawback but people need not worry about this issue cause our engineer's are
there to handle it out.And needless to say let it be email account's, bank account's,  or any data exchange happening over the net faces privacy and data security
threats - the cause - unethical behavior of computer user's :D

Interviewer-So again humans are to be put @ fault... sad :(
Interviewee- hhmmm.....

Interviewer-Ok. Do you think that in near future social networking could be used ,
other than leisure time for some productive uses ?
Interviewee- Yes. Why not. In future schools and colleges can get connected
through social networking sites. Teacher's can get connected to students which is
slowly in the process. Even today many reputed companies have thier own fb and
twitter a/c's and pages,  basically for publicity.

Interviewer-What would be your conclusion on the effects of social networking on
the life of people ?
Interviewee-See,  in simple words, social networking sites is like a facility provided
to people and they should make the best use of it and not misuse of it and say that
it's a bane to human lives.Without this vital aspect of life , people would be almost
back to the dark ages ! while privacy and security issues are nothing to be scoffed
@ , social networking proves to be a boon rather than a bane.

So with that, the debate whether social networking is a boon or a bane get's
clear.Social networking site has cleared our queries . But just in case you have
any other queries you may be free to ask by just posting a comment below this.
You shall get your answers as early as possible. :D

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  1. Clyde, check out CNN coverage of Mubarak's exit... the world's 2nd Facebook, Twitter and YouTube revolution, the first being Tunisia... guess that's one way to use social networking sites...