Friday, January 28, 2011

The Worlds Top 5 Most Expensive Homes.

5. Three Ponds : $75,000,000
In Bridgehampton, New York, there sits a $75,000,000 estate that has its own golf course! Called “Three Ponds” due to the fact that it has, er, three ponds ,each stocks with an ample supply of fish. WOW !

4. Donald Trump Palace : $125,000,000
Donald Trump owns this 18-bedroom waterfront palace, which is listed as costing $125,000,000. Situated in Florida, Trump says it’s location in Palm Beach is “the richest community in the world” and it doesn’t seem like he’s joking!

3. Updown Court in Surrey, UK : $140,000,000
With neighbors like Elton John and the Queen of England, Updown Court in Surrey, UK is going to be a rather decadent household.This home contains 24 bedrooms, each with a marble en-suite bathroom, and an underground garage.There’s a rumor that this house is up for sale.Any buyers. !!!

2. Ira Rennert Mansion : $180,000,000.
The billionaire found of the Renco Group, Ira Rennert, owns a place in Sagaponack, New York, and at 63 acres of grounds, is considered by many to be the largest residential compound in the whole of America. The house itself has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, as well as the usual gigantic dining room, sport courts and bowling alley and all that you think.
1. The Villa La Leopolda in Nice, France: $ 398,350,000
Formerly the home of Bill Gates, but now belonging to really rather rich Roman Abramovich, the Villa La Leopolda in Nice, France would set you back roughly £250,000,000 ($ 398,350,000 ). Its 10 acres of lush, garden-filled grounds require an astounding 50 gardeners to look after it !! Now that's why its ranked no. 1.

I wish in near future I would be the owner of one of these homes...!! ( extravagant imaginations right ..? )

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