Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Interview with Social Networking site. Part 1

There is a debate on whether social networking sites are a boon or a bane.Today
I am taking up this topic but in an interesting way, an Interview with social
networking site.

Interviewer(me)- As a Social networking site what do you feel about yourself ?

Interviewee(social networking site)- I feel gr8 ! Well I help millions of ppl get
connected & stay in touch with each other, help ppl share their thoughts,
emotions, reviews, talents, pictures and whatnot, help ppl regularly update their
peer groups about their activities, assist in organizing & publicizing events, shows, I
also help to promote business, help ppl find jobs, help ppl find their better halves,
help ppl overcome their timidity and ....

Interviewer-(interrupts..) phew ...that's a lot of them.Then tell me why ppl talk about
the banes of social networking ?

Interviewee- Every coin has 2 sides.Similarly almost every materialistic thing in life
has a good side and a bad side, I mean merits and demerits.But basically its upto
the ppl on how they use networking sites. Either they use it to get the best of
networking sites or think about those crap demerits.

Interviewer- So you mean to say its we who find fault in social networking sites
rather than finding faults in ourselves ?

Interviewee- Yes. Well I did provide you with many uses as mentioned earlier but
that doesn't mean that a person forgets his routine chores and uses social
networking sites the whole day. He should be aware about the responsibilities he
has throughout the day. You can't blame the advantages of social networking  for
the occurring disadvantages.Time management is also very essential in the life of a
person in this fast pace life.At the end 800 million ppl couldn't all be wasting their

It's Continued in Part 2- Read Part 2

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