Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trying to do a Golmaal !!

What a family ! Are they trying to do a Golmaal ? They are four of them and they are travelling on that bike. And then we complain of road accidents..

For maximum safety while travelling on a bike its better to go 2 seater. Ain't I right ? Why put your family at risk ? They could very well purchase an affordable car.. well here I'm not talking about their purchasing power, I'm just talking about their safety.

The authority concerned with this should make rules more strict and should penaltize the ones violating it to ensure safety and inculcate social values among the public.

With the help of such photos, I will be able to write a post with a social concern. If you have any such photos you are most welcome to share it.  

Hope you readers would respond positively And thereby continue reading my further posts.

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