Monday, November 19, 2012

Its the present that I can live

"The past is what I cannot change. The future is what I cannot predict. Its the present that I can live."

The above quote may seem quite simple. But if you were to follow this, you would know how difficult it is. You must be wondering why is it that difficult. Well, its because, most of us humans commit the same mistake of regretting of what has happened in the past, unnecessarily worrying about the future and messing up things in the present.

To understand it better lets break it into three essential parts - The past, the present and the future.

Don't regret the past happenings. Just forget it and move on.Live the present to the fullest.Don't worry about the future. You cannot predict it.

The Past.

Its that part of your life which you cannot erase. Once gone, is lost forever. No clock can turn itself back to the past and give you a second chance. So, its better not to think about it, not to ponder over past issues. There's a proverb that says -

'Don't cry over spilled milk.'

This simply means that there is certainly no use of worrying about unfortunate events that have already happened and cannot be changed. Just forget it and move on.

The Future.

I think, more than our past people worry about the future. Just give it a thought - you are no superhuman to predict your future and no matter what you do, what is destined for you will definitely happen. So, simply stop worrying about your future. Because by worrying about your future you are actually wasting your energy which you could have utilized for the present.

The Present.

Finally, here we are, at the moment which is in our hands. The present, which we can make the most out of. If we mainstream our energies to the present we can do wonders. Because there is no use of worrying about the past and future, its the present that we can live. Enjoy the present moment. Live it to the fullest.

Its never to late for anything. You can still make an attempt to follow this principle. Live the present and enjoy the moment. Cheers !

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A change in the routine

'Its been a year since I am traveling in local buses to college. The same route to my destination in little packed red buses, drenched in sweat, sometimes,  I cannot even answer my phone. Anyways, that doesn't matter. Actually my routine changed just a year back when I got my admissions in that college. And so did everything else change.
At the beginning everything was new and a bit 'out-of-the-routine', but later it was sailing smooth. Though the rains always leave everything messed up. During the journeys, what went really unnoticed is that I always got a seat on the right side of the bus. This went on for many many days till I could actually predict the whole route well in advance.
But one fine day I happened to sit on the left side of the bus. And what I realized is that, though, I was traveling on the same route, I was completely lost. Everything seemed to be new. The same route seemed so long. The reason - I had never seen the left side of the route. And when I was suddenly exposed to this side of the route, I found everything new and unexplored. But very soon I got myself accustomed to this route too.  And later everything seemed normal.'

Similarly, most of us have a fixed routine. We have a predetermined, monotonous life. At the beginning of every new routine we find everything strange. New people, new places, new routes and sometimes even new cultures and new traditions. This doesn't continue for too long and as soon as you feel comfortable and get yourself quite adjusted with this new lifestyle, you are exposed to another, completely different lifestyle that you would need to once again get adjusted to. That's the time when everything changes in a flash and you're kind of a bit stumbled. But of course, not for too long. Again you'll find new faces, unexplored places and a different routine. And finally, after a while, everything will seem normal. This can go on and on varying from person to person.

Some people who have the same routine for a constant time complain that they suffer from 'I-am-bored-of-the-same-routine' syndrome. On the contrary, some complain of being prone to changes frequently. It just depends on how we take it.

Taking this as a fortunate happening, we get a chance to come out of our nutshells and explore this world. Get to know the good's and bad's of this world and may be its due to this reason that you are competent enough to withstand such changes. Its there in us - only we need to revive it to face the challenges. And like the incident above, it normally takes some time to get yourself adjusted to any new situation, any new routine.

At the end of the day no person can change his/her life. However the situation, one has to face it, adjust with it and live accordingly. A bus has only two sides ( excluding the front and rear ones ), but in life we may be exposed to innumerable situations and unpredictable scenarios. The challenge lies in facing it and eventually coming out as a winner.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fatty little fruit

Fury brown skin, fresh bright green or golden pulpy flesh with numerous black sesame-like edible seeds from inside and a fresh fragrance of this delicious fruit called Kiwi.  Originally known as the Chinese gooseberry, later renamed as Melonette and then to kiwifruit or just the Kiwi. And yes you guessed it right, it is grown in New zealand.

This fatty little fruit has a unique flavor and resembles a kiwi bird and would have probably got its name from that. It is originally grown in New zealand and also grown in Italy, Chile and many more places while those from the New zealand are the sweetest and tastiest. And since its being exported to various other places in the world, everyone is aware of what a kiwi is.

People are now getting more health conscious and want to eat something that's healthy and at the same time tasty. This makes the kiwi fruit as one of the top fruits to opt for.

So, if you just decide to eat it - great ! But before you do that, have a look at its nutritional contents. Kiwi is bestowed with vitamin C and also has loads of other nutrients making it a complete package. The below table was sourced up from Wikipedia.

Now the reason I wrote about a kiwi is just because I love eating it and it stands on the top of the charts with the delicious Alphonso mango. Each one of us may have at least one favorite fruit. All that you can do is to share about what you like and also try what others like. So the next time you go to the market, do not forget to purchase and relish on a kiwi.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

No cords attached

Young teens like to plug their earphones & listen to music on the go. It seems its kind of a fashion nowadays. While sporting a sleek gizmo remains a trend in todays youth, a small accessory like a earphone has also gained increasing importance and now you'll find people sporting earphones of different colors and brands. Earphones minus the fashion aspect and there's what I want to convey - about the ways and manners of using this accessory; about using it responsibly.

The below real life incident would probably give you an idea of what I really have to say.

People usually decide to cross the railway tracks to save some time though it is strictly restricted by the government. It gets even more worse when people talk on mobiles or listen to music on earphones and cross the railway line or just stroll over the railway tracks oblivious whether a train is approaching them or not. A similar case happened quite a while ago when a teen had his earphones plugged into his ears and was probably listening to one of his favorite tracks. Just then a speeding train approached him from the back and despite sounding the horn rammed him leading to his death. Now, this fellow was so into the music that he hardly realized that a train is approaching him and is sounding the horn. And by then it was too late for him to realize and react.

Flaunting your earpieces, getting into a conversation using earphones, wanting to listen to music on the go and wanting to be at par with the current fashion is not a bad idea. But not at the cost your life. You must not be carried away by the music that you have no idea of whats happening in the world around you. Crossing the railway line is definitely a strict NO. But you would inevitably need to be alert while you cross the road. Any mistake and you could be hit by a speeding vehicle. Doing without those cords wouldn't cost you anything. Perhaps, it could save your life.

Hence it is better advised for you to spare those cords when you need to concentrate on other activities of more importance. Use wisely. Use responsibly.